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Kelsie McDonald is an Australian/English actor & screenwriter based in Los Angeles, USA.

Born and raised in Australia's Sunshine State, Queensland, a very eager Kelsie took up acting at the age of 4, after no acting school would accept her at 2 years old. As an adult, her most notable training was with the Atlantic Acting School in NYC, USA and in 2017 Kelsie re-connected with her English heritage in London, to complete her Masters Degree at the Guildford School of Acting, UK.

To date, Kelsie has had a vibrant & exciting career, acting her way across Australia, UK, Mexico & now, after successfully securing her US green card, Los Angeles, USA.

In 2020, Kelsie starred in 3 feature films, set for cinema & streaming platform release this year. Two of these were US productions shot in Mexico & gave her the opportunity to brush up on her Spanish speaking skills, under the Direction of Rafael Altamira & production houses Guerilla Video & Diaz Films. One of which will be her debut feature length writing collaboration with Warner Brothers & Apple TVs Ted Lasso star, Cristo Fernández, who she has worked with extensively in his film company Espectro MX Films. The feature film is a bilingual rom-com & is titled No Translation Required where Kelsie & Cristo play the romantic leads.

Prior to this, she co-formed the London based theatre company Encompass Theatre Collective, which wrote, devised and toured innovative & often immersive theatre across Europe.

Also noteworthy are the two Best Actress Awards she has to her name, for her work in both film, at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, & on stage at the Ipswich Festival.

Kelsie recently launched People Power Pictures, a positive film company that will utilise the magic of storytelling to ignite energy around topical issues and bring to light underrepresented sides of the story.

Kelsie aspires to continue telling stories from around the world, determined to push boundaries, evoke thought and inspire change throughout her creative career.



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